Cleanser P

For sensitive, allergic, reactive or irritated skin, this micellar water effectively removes makeup, impurities, pollution and traces of metals with its exclusive formulation.


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Cleanser P
(6.76 fl.oz)

The Cleanser P is an exceptionally pure micellar water which gently cleanses, removes makeup, and purifies skin. Efficiently removes impurities, excess oil, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…) from skin, leaving it refreshed.

It is recommended for sensitive, allergic, reactive or irritated skin (acne…).

Its formulation is extremely safe and pure, with only 5 ingredients. It contains no paraben, no fragrance, no EDTA, no silicone, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no lanolin.

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Scientifically proven results

Removes impurities, excess oil, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)

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Use in the morning and the evening with a cotton pad.

Rinsing is optional.


Skintifique products have extremely pure formulations, with a limited number of ingredients to minimize the risk of skin reaction. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its safety profile.

The Cleanser P is: paraben free – metal free (no Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt…) – fragrance free – EDTA-free – BPA free (no phthalates, bisphenol, non-toxic plastic) – sulfates free (no SLS & SLES) – gluten free – silicone free (no dimethicone) – alcohol free – mineral oil free (petroleum free) – lanolin free.

The Cleanser P contains 91.2% natural ingredients.

Also, all our products are eco-friendly and vegan. They are cruelty-free (no animal testing). They are hypoallergenic and tolerance tested.

CLEANSER P : (5 ingredients) Water (Aqua), Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 184, 1,2-Hexanediol, Chlorphenesin



  • 100% skin comfort, leaves skin refreshed
  •  Removes impurities and excess oil
  • Removes traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)

* Only 5 ingredients to reduce the exposure to pollutants and impurities.


The only cleanser I trust using

This cleanser is fantastic. On my sensitive facial skin, it truly is the only cleanser I trust using not only once, but twice a day. Having a severe nickel allergy, I am very hesitate to use anything. I’m so glad Skintifique designed this product for those of use with nickel allergies.


Christy C.
21 Aug.  2016

It is amazing how this product really cleans up your skin

It is amazing how this product really cleans up your skin. One swipe with a cotton ball soaked with this cleanser and you can see all the impurities that your normal cleanser leaves behind! When my eczema flares up, this is my go-to for instant relief because it is very soothing for my eczema prone skin and it takes the redness away immediately.


Sue M.
19 Jul. 2016

Nicely done

Love using this instead of the pump soaps. So much more gentle than most soaps I have tried.


Vicki A.
17 jan. 2015

Skintifique science
  • New long-lasting moisturizing technology
  • Protection against allergens and pollution
  • Extremely pure formulations

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