Buy our products on the Skintifique Pro website


Skintifique developed the Skintifique Pro website for professionals who want to buy their products directly online. 

On this website, you buy at Pro prices.

Who the Skintifique Pro website is designed for

The Skintifique Pro website is designed for professional retailers and drop-shippers.

For example, pharmacies, distributing doctors, generalist or specialized shops, beauticians…

Benefits for you

  • Flexibility, simplicity
  • Interesting price conditions
  • Bulk discounts to help you maximize your margins
  • No minimum quantities, so no inventory risk
  • Dropshipping option, so you don’t have to manage logistics
  • Loyalty and referral program

How to subscribe

To access the Skintifique Pro website, click here and create an account by giving us as many details as possible on your business. We will then examine your request.

You will receive an email once your account is approved, and you can then start to order Skintifique products at a “Pro rate”!

If you have any questions on the process, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]