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Our products

Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing and protective lotion for sensitive and irritated skin Powered by CAPTURIFIQUE™PROTECTS THE SKIN FROM CUTANEOUS DRYNESSMoisturizes all skin types Strengthens the barrier function of the skin Releases calcium that is beneficial to skin health and renewal of skin cellsPROTECTS THE SKIN FROM COMMON ALLERGENSNickel: costume...
Our products


Micellar water for sensitive skinGENTLY CLEANSES SKIN AND REMOVES MAKEUPA single motion to cleanse, remove makeup and purify the skin Efficiently removes impurities, excess sebum, traces of metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt) and pollutionEXCLUSIVE BENEFITS...Incredibly safe & clean formulation: free from fragrance, alcohol, EDTA......
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The Protective Cream

The world’s first barrier cream that protects allergic skin from contact with Nickel, Chromium & Cobalt Powered by CAPTURIFIQUE™PROTECTS FROM THE 4 SYMPTOMS OF NICKEL ALLERGY:Rash & bumps Itching Redness Dry patches of skinPUT A CLINICALLY PROVEN BARRIER BETWEEN YOU AND NICKEL, CHROMIUM AND COBALT4 out of 5 users no longer react to...