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Cleanser P - Pack x3 View larger

Cleanser P - Pack x3

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2025-01-12 33,90 € 33.9

Micellar water. Cleanses. Removes makeup. Purifies softly (removes impurities, excess oil, traces of pollution, metals...).
Scientifically proven efficacy.
Extremely safe and pure composition. 91.2% natural ingredients.


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This pack includes 3 bottles of Cleanser P (200ml).

The Cleanser P is an exceptionally pure micellar water which gently cleanses, removes makeup, and purifies skin. Efficiently removes impurities, excess oil, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel...) from skin, leaving it refreshed.

It is recommended for sensitive, allergic, reactive or irritated skin (acne…).

Its formulation is extremely safe and pure, with only 5 ingredients. It contains no paraben, no fragrance, no EDTA, no silicone, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no lanolin.

How to use

Use in the morning and the evening with a cotton pad.

Rinsing is optional.

Other formats

The Cleanser P is also available in an Individual format at a preferential cost.

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Product overview

Action Cleanses. Removes makeup. Purifies softly.
Recommended for Sensitive, allergic, reactive or irritated skin (acne…).
Number of ingredients 5 ingredients
Ingredients - Cleanser P Water (Aqua), Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 184, 1,2-Hexanediol, Chlorphenesin
Does not contain No fragrance, no paraben, no occlusive ingredients (silicone, mineral oil, dimethicone, petroleum…), no endocrine disruptors, no EDTA, no gluten, no alcohol, no lanolin, no metal, no BPA…
Size Bottle of 200 ml / 6.76 Fl oz

More information

100% pure compositions

Skintifique products have extremely pure formulations, with a limited number of ingredients to minimise the risk of skin reaction. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its safety profile.


The Cleanser P is: paraben free – metal free (no Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt…) – fragrance free – EDTA-free - BPA free (no phthalates, bisphenol, non-toxic plastic) - sulfates free (no SLS & SLES) – gluten free - silicone free (no dimethicone) - alcohol free - mineral oil free (petroleum free) - lanolin free.


The Cleanser P contains 91.2% natural ingredients.


Also, all our products are eco-friendly and vegan. They are cruelty-free (no animal testing). They are hypoallergenic and tolerance tested.


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Scientifically proven benefits

Cleanser P

- 100% skin comfort, leaves skin refreshed
- Removes impurities and excess oil
- Removes traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)

A limited number of ingredients

Cleanser P (5 ingredients)

Water (Aqua), Polysorbate 20, Poloxamer 184, 1,2-Hexanediol, Chlorphenesin

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By (Biloxi , United States) on 01 Jan. 2020 (Cleanser P - Pack x3) :
Saved my skin!

I have been going to dermatologist and allergy specialist for years. They prescribed cream after cream, and even a low nickel diet. Nothing helped my peeling nose and corners of my mouth. I started developing a rash on my lower back also. Things seemed to be getting worse instead of better. I changed my entire skincare routine so many times. I tried everything that claimed to help with dry skin and eczema. NOTHING helped. I was so frustrated and the doctors didn’t offer me any solution. By some miracle, I saw an advertisement for Skintifique. I ordered the cleanser, lotion and gel. I didn’t have much hope of it helping since nothing I had previously tried made an improvement. Before it arrived, I had a new issue on my face. It was so itchy and dry and rosacea had appeared on one side. It was awful! The minute I received my Skintifique I used the cleanser. It was soooo soothing to my inflamed skin. It had a cooling and calming effect. Then I applied the gel. I used the cleanser and lotion the next morning. My skin was already better!!!! I wanted to wait a few weeks before rating these products to make sure I would not start having a reaction to them like I did with so many other products. My skin is now 99% healed! I love , love, love Skintifique. These products have literally done what doctors and many, many other products have not been able to do. I am so very happy and have ordered a backup supply. THANK YOU SKINTIFIQUE!

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