Skintifique at the CFA 2016 Congress

From 19 to 22 April 2016, the Skintifique team was present at the CFA 2016 ( Francophone Congress of Allergists) which took place in Paris. It was a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss with doctors, allergists, and pediatricians present at this congress. 

For its first participation at the CFA, Skintifique chose to present two skincare product from its range of products specially designed to fight against metal irritants: the Moisturizing Lotion HP and the Protective Cream HPS. These two products benefit from an innovative and patented technology, the world’s first capable of protecting the skin against metals such as Nickel, Chromium, and Cobalt, to which around 10% of the world’s population is allergic. With this exclusive technology, called Capturifique, the common irritant and allergens are captured at the surface of the skin and are prevented from entering, or re-entering it. They can later be washed away by cleaning your hands or using the Cleanser PTo learn more about the Capturifique technology, click here.

Doctors’ feedback about these two Skinfitique products was really positive. Many of them did not know which product to recommend to all their patients who suffer from dermatitis caused by contact with objects containing metals, be it in daily life (such as costume jewelry, coins, watches, computers, tablets, mobile phone, belts and leather accessories) or professional life objects for hairdressers, health professionals, cashiers or construction workers. They consider Skintifique products as a real opportunity for those who are allergic to metal to regain a normal life.

 This first participation at the CFA was a success and we already plan to participate again next year.  Until then, the Skintifique team will be at the Gerda 2016 in September.

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