Skintifique keywords n°1: innovation for people, by people

At Skintifique, innovation is important to us, and we have a set of values and keywords that we strive to keep in mind at all times and use to help direct our actions. In this series of posts, we will provide some light on what they mean to us.

More precisely, we will provide light on how we generally interpret them. As you will see, interpretations and implications of these keywords may come in many different shades, and individual and group judgment are important and may mature over time.

So here is the first keyword: People

Innovation for people

At Skintifique, we single-mindedly strive to develop and bring to bear new products or services that contribute to improving the life, health or well-being of people. Be it people who simply want to better enjoy different aspects of their life, e.g. more freedom to do what they like, more fun and excitement doing it, or whatever dimension that makes life enjoyable. Or be it people who want to reduce their suffering due to health conditions that impact body, or mind, or, often, both ; these conditions may range from the mild to the severe, and include allergy, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and rare diseases such as ichthyosis or epidermolysis bullosa ; many of these conditions impact health, lifestyle and peace of mind as they have physical as well as social impact.

Of course, we often work with medical and other professionals, companies and institutions, or associations that support people in need ; collaboration is critical in any endeavor that aims to benefit real people in real life ; and we only do so inasmuch as they are critical for individual people to benefit from our innovation and our efforts.

Innovation by people

Bringing new, useful products to people who need them is no easy task. So it can only succeed when great people join forces. It takes people who share competencies ranging from the science and technology to invent new dermatology (and, soon, ophthalmology) products ; the marketing to understand real people’s needs and to ensure that the innovations can reach the people who need them ; the manufacturing and rigorous quality controlling through all the steps ; to those who are ready to test, try and share their testimonials on the products, and many more. And in a new company like Skintifique, it takes people driven by passion, dedication to improving the future, and willingness to be flexible and take the risks to change.

So definitely, we believe and commit to innovation for and by people.

What do you think? Do you feel it should be otherwise? And do you have ideas or suggestions on this topic? Join the conversation and let the world know!

Next week’s topic : Science



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