Skintifique keywords n°3: Striving for innovation and impact

In this post, we comment on a key concept for Skintifique: impact. This post is the 3rd in a series that aims to outline keywords that we use to guide our actions and decisions (see previous posts: here and Skintifique keywords n°2 : Innovation – Science based). As mentioned in our earlier posts, there are many angles to these keywords, and judgement is important, and may mature over time. Feel free to react and let us know what you think.

At Skintifique, we strive day in and day out to develop and offer some of the best and most innovative healthcare products and services that may exist in dermatology (and soon in ophtalmology), so as to help improve health, well-being and quality of life.

This is an endeavor that requires mobilization, commitment and expertise from many people, with different backgrounds, cultures, professions and personal objectives ; from those whose main interest and competence is to imagine what the world should be like or how to change it, to those who know how to execute particularly difficult tasks in product formulation, in manufacturing, in managing projects, in communicating etc., to many more. So it is critical that everyone ensures each of the activity they engage in contributes really to have impact, in fine, for the people we work for: those who need better products for their health, wellness or quality of life.

Of course, impact may come in many shapes, from economic impact (after all, we can continue doing what we do only if other people find that we are bringing them something valuable that they are willing to purchase), to making us proud and happy to come to work and dedicate so much of our lives doing  it. Impact requires not just deciding it by ourselves, but ensuring that others feel it, be they colleagues, customers, or patients.

Impact is a tough metric, but our focus on impact is a guarantee to the people who depend on our work that we will constantly strive to bring them real health benefits ; and for us, the search for impact is a “true north” that ensures that we keep improving the world, or our environment, or just  people’s health.

By the way, impact depends both on what the goal is, and also on what the quality of delivery is. This is why there are many, many projects that we are convinced would have a lot of impact for people’s health, if they were achieved, but that we will be very cautious about engaging in. Unless there is the ability to deliver great results, it is just not worth engaging in a project, as there will be no impact.

We are always happy to consider new capabilities and projects. So if you have a suggestion about a project or a topic that would have a high impact on people’s health, quality or life, or well-being, and if you believe you can bring key capabilities to its realization, be it in terms of clinical development or product assessments, manufacturing, commercialization or otherwise, do let us know! We have interest for any project that can have a real and positive impact for people with dermatology and skin conditions, from the minor to the rare and severe like psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis or even epidermolysis bullosa, or for people with ophtalmology and other health conditions more.

So definitely, we believe and commit to impactful innovation, for and by real people.

What do you think? Do you feel it should be otherwise? Let the world know!


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