Skintifique's science

Skintifique is an innovative company, dedicated to improving health and well-being through novel scientific, technology and business approaches.

“Bioinspiration” and “Radical simplicity”, founding principles at Skintifique

Because nature is an endless source of wisdom and the ideal blueprint for health, Skintifique’s development has been shaped by the principle of “Bioinspiration”.

“It’s about taking a basic idea in nature and improving upon it for your own purposes […] Mother Nature has managed to solve quite a few problems over the years. And so we can use bioinspiration to help us come up with new ideas to tackle tough problems.” Jeffrey Karp, (Skintifique co-founder), Fortune magazine interview, August 2015

In the same way, to bring comfort and relief to the most demanding skin, we clearly need to develop the safest formulations, delivering maximum efficacy AND tolerability. Instead of trying to chase after the latest exotic addition, Skintifique only uses active ingredients that are proven to be effective and with exceptional safety profiles such as such as glycerin, bisabolol or pure Castor Oil that is expeller-pressed from the seed of Ricinus.

In this pursuit of “essential effectiveness”, Skintifique focuses on quality over quantity with formulations that contain the fewest possible ingredients. That’s “Radical Simplicity”. And so the four products in the Skintifique range contain between five and thirteen ingredients – no more.

Excellence in physico-chemistry and innovation, the secret of Skintifique’s success

Behind our minimalist formulations are genuine scientific breakthroughs. Skintifique’s strength lies in how the active ingredients are assembled together and the chemical environment that they are in. The brand’s scientists and collaborators have new technologies to maximize products’ efficacy and achieve properties that aren’t possible in standard formulations.

Skintifique skincare products are based on two unprecedented scientific platforms:

  • Capturifique: The world’s first technology to protect the skin from metals like Nickel, Chromium, and Cobalt, to which many people are allergic. Similar to UV protection, this new technology captures metal ions on the skin’s surface and prevents them from penetrating the epidermis.
  • Activifique: Exceptional technology that enables controlled and gradual release of the active ingredients. When the skin requires moisturizing, eg because it is dry or inflamed, it sends signals to the delivery system containing the active ingredients, which then releases the ingredients. And so the skin’s physiological needs are met instantly and long-lastingly.

To go even further

This page presents a few articles summarizing Skintifique’s science and approach to innovation.

The following articles present the company’s exclusive technology platforms, how our current products work, and some of the future products our scientists and collaborators are working on.

Some of these articles are easy reads, while others are presentations or documents that were presented at international medical and scientific congresses. These later articles do require expertise to be analyzed and interpreted, and we urge readers to not draw conclusions or hypotheses unless they have appropriate expertise.

Some articles below are reserved for professionals. Contact us if you are interested in them or if you have any questions.

The science in our products

Principles of Skintifique’s approach to innovation

Selection of medical and scientific articles (for professionals and readers with medical and scientific expertise)

Protection against metals

Moisturizing and controlled release of active agents

Analysis of 73 cases of use of Skintifique’s products in real life situations

Innovation pipeline


Hydrating Gel Plus HS

An exceptionally pure head-to-toe moisturizing, soothing and repairing cream. Provides intense and long-lasting relief

Protective Cream HPS

The first cream in the world to protect the skin from irritant metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…) for up to 14h while letting it breathe

Moisturizing Lotion HP

A very pure moisturizing body lotion which hydrates and protects from pollution and metals (Nickel, Chromium…)

Cleanser P

An extremely pure, soft and efficient micellar water which cleanses, removes make-up, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)