The science of making smart and safe products

Skintifique is a science-based company dedicated to developing and offering exceptional products that can improve people’s life. Skintifique mobilizes many talents for this, both internal to the company, and talents at prestigious scientific and medical institutions. There are also innovative proprietary technologies and principles and unique capabilities. One of the critical element is what we designate as “The science of making smart and safe products”. Below is a description.

Skintifique’s products do not contain “miracle” ingredients. On the contrary: using exclusively well-known ingredients with well-established safety profiles in Europe and the USA, and as few of these ingredients as possible, is a constraint that our scientists impose on themselves.

This is the best way to have the safest products; but how can this lead to efficient products, some of them with totally new functionalities?

The answer: thanks to a unique combination of material sciences, expertise in human biology and physiology, and environmental sciences:

  • The former is the science of materials and their properties. The advancement of science, and in particular modern day physico-chemistry, indeed makes it possible to transform high quality, but common elements, into new materials with novel properties. This is an area where Skintifique’s scientists and collaborators are world’s experts at. This allows them to develop products with exceptional properties, often leading to scientific awards and recognitions at American and European venues
  • Expertise in human biology and physiology, in turn, allows to understand deeply what the human body needs, often at the cellular and molecular levels, and select ingredients or create new materials that benefit people’s health
  • Environmental science, finally, allows scientists to take into account the long-term environmental and health impact of the ingredients and materials used in the products, and minimize or eliminate altogether undesired effects.


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