Take care of your dry skin during a flight

The air in air planes is very dry and with A/C ventilation : it actively gives you a dry skin, particularly on long haul flights. The skin needs an extra dose of moisturizing.

For all of those who forget to take their moisturizer, airlines often provide customers with some of their own – and while they are often of decent quality, they are not hydrating enough so one has to put them very frequently. In addition to that, they are usually perfumed and I personally am not fan of flowery scented creams.

Furthermore, as a person with dry and sensitive skin, I obviously need a lot of it and the scent and the many many other ingredients of standard moisturizers often irritate my skin. And in the rare case where they are not irritating, I tend to forget to re-apply the cream. So in any case, I usually land with a red face from irritation or a dry face from forgetting to put on the cream.

With the Hydrating Gel Plus HS it’s different story :

1) it is pure and only has very few ingredients who do not irritate the skin and

2) it contains such a high concentration of moisturizers (unlike any other cream I am aware of) that a single application after take off gets me through an entire long haul flight (OK I put on quite a bit… but the neat thing about that is that the Hydrating Gel Plus HS releases the moisturizer continuously according to the skin’s need – so there is still some left for hour 8 or 9 when I am hopefully asleep.)

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