Thank you @Biba: "Very Good Idea: Allergic to jewelry"

This month, Skintifique is in Biba magazine. The Protective Cream HPS is the VBI (Very Bonne Idée = Very Good Idea) for all the people suffering from Nickel allergy.

As underlined by Biba, “jewelry and also keys, coins and smartphones can cause allergy”. This cutaneous reaction is triggered by the Nickel present in these objects. Indeed, a lot of objects from our daily life contain Nickel: computers, watches, belts, coins, costume jewelry… Allergy to Nickel causes people to develop (allergic) contact dermatitis, also sometimes called (allergic) contact eczema when their skin is in contact with objects containing these metals.

700 Milion people are allergic to Nickel. Women and people who work directly with metals are particularly susceptible to the allergy. But many people don’t even know that they are allergic. There is no existing treatment against Nickel allergy to this day. However, people suffering from Nickel allergy can test the Protective Cream HPS. It’s the first cream in the world which protects the skin from Nickel by stopping it from penetrating the skin. The Protective Cream HPS uses a new innovative technology called Capturifique which allows capturing the metals at the surface of the skin. This stops Nickel from penetrating through the skin, and from triggering an allergic or irritant reaction.


Thank you @Biba for this article!

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