Thank you @Cosmetique Mag: "Innovation: Skintifique facing metal"

This month, Skintifique products and in particular the product range specifically designed to protect skin against metal irritants are in Cosmétique Mag’s article Innovation: Skintifique facing metal.


Cosmétic Mag insists on the ”particularity” of our products – the Protective Cream HPS and the Moisturizing Lotion HP – which provide protection against contact with objects that contain metals. This is done thanks to a new patented technology that captures Nickel and other common metals at the surface of the epidermis. And its efficacy is proven! For the Protective Cream HPS, in almost 70% of cases, the skin did not present any reaction or discomfort following exposure to the objects.

Thank you again @Cosmétique Mag for this article!

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