Thank you @Expression Cosmétique: "The pollution/detox offer available on shelves"

This summer, we can find the Cleanser P in an article from the magazine Expression Cosmétique about The pollution/detox offer available on shelves.

Merci @Expression Cosmétique Thank you @Expression Cosmétique

According to the magazine Expression Cosmétique, the Cleanser P is the reference micellar water to fight against pollution. Besides effectively removing make-up and impurities, this “detox” cleanser is particularly tough on pollution. It removes in a flash traces of metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, and Chromium. The Cleanser P benefits from an exclusive formulation with only 5 ingredients!

Thanks to the “Radical Simplicity” policy used at Skintifique, the formulation contains the fewest possible ingredients in order to cleanse deep down without irritating the skin. The Cleanser P is ideal for anyone with sensitive or stressed skin. Or for the ones who want to reduce their exposure to pollutants and impurities.

Again, thank you @Expression Cosmétique for this article!

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