Thank you @Gala: "Women will love them: Skincare brands"

This month, Gala presents an overview of the new brands that are going to create the “buzz” in skincare in its article “Women will love them”. And among all these innovative brands, we were pleased to see Skintifique!

Gala’s journalist focuses on “our minimalist formulation boosted by ground-breaking technologies that maximize ingredients’ properties”. Indeed, the 4 products in the Skintifique range contain between 5 and 13 ingredients -no more. And behind these minimalist formulations are two unique patented technologies: Capturifique and Activifique. These two scientific revolutions maximize products’ efficacy and reveal properties that aren’t possible in standard formulations.

About which“skincare to test”, Gala’s journalist recommends the Hydrating Gel Plus HS for its “long-lasting soothing agents”. It is indeed an excellent face and body moisturizer which provides a triple emollient, humectant and soothing action. Its benefits can be felt up to 24 hours after use.

Thank you Gala magazine for this article, and don’t hesitate to “invite quickly the Skintifique products in your bathroom!”.

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