Thank @A little B: "Sensitive skin? It is time to take care of yourself!"

The blog A Little B published the article “Sensitive skin? It is time to take care of yourself!” about our four products. Her author, Marion, has a reactive skin.

She tested our products during her holidays after spending her time sunbathing. This is how she discovered the “moisturizing power of our products and their capacity to bring comfort and elasticity to the skin”.

As she told us, Marion enjoyed the sun during her holiday… maybe too much! Her skin wasn’t so keen of this overexposure to the sun:

“After a few days, my skin started to react (maybe because of the sun, because of my whole day spent tanning by the pool). I needed very efficient skin care, and I choose to try Skintifique products.”

She tested our Discovery Pack, that includes all 4 of our innovative skin care products specially designed for sensitive, reactive or demanding skin:

I was able to test their moisturizing power and their capacity to bring comfort and elasticity to the skin. And it’s a success! […] With these products, I can spend my whole day in the sun without worrying about my skin’s dryness. Also, my skin doesn’t react to these products. It’s really a pleasure for my reactive skin to use these products, I definitely recommend them!

About the Cleanser P:


“It is the first product I tried. I use it in the morning ant before going to bed. In the morning, I use it to refresh my skin and remove impurities from the night. At night, I use it to remove makeup and refresh my skin. This skin care is like a micellar water and works perfectly for my skin… And it contains only 5 ingredients! Isn’t it kind of crazy?!

The advantage for sensitive skin: The cleanser P is perfect for  skins exposed to pollution, and to remove traces of metals…”

 About the the Moisturizing Lotion HP:


” The Moisturizing Lotion HP is a lifesaver for my skin! Once I use it on my body, I feel my skin deeply moisturized. Soothed, my skin regains suppleness, elasticity and comfort.

About the texture now: it has a rich texture which is quickly absorbed. With this lotion, you can say “adios amigos” to your very dry skin. And I love that my skin stays moisturize from one day to another even if I forgot to use the lotion for one day! It’s a real pleasure to use it !

The advantage: It’s perfectly suitable for sensitive or demanding skin and It contains only 13 ingredients! “


About the Hydrating Gel Plus HS:


” This skin care offers comfort, flexibility, elasticity to the skin. It also provides a soothing action. Thus, this skin care is perfect for dry and damaged skins, in particular in case of overexposure to the sun (so useful for me during the holidays).

In practice, this cream has a very rich texture. And once put on the skin, the texture becomes lighter, like water. It’s a bit peculiar, but so enjoyable! With the hours spent tanning, this cream was so welcomed at the end of the day to moisturize and soothe my skin! 

About the Protective Cream HPS:


“The Protective Cream HPS is the world’s first cream to protect the skin from contact with irritant metals.

In practice, the cream  has a lighter texture than the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. Its texture is less compact and fluid. It is quickly absorbed.”

To read the full article, you can click here.

Thank Marion from the blog A Little B for this article!

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