Thank you @Le Moniteur des Pharmacies: "Skintifique: "Metallic" skincare for allergic skins"

Focus on Skintifique products in an article from the Moniteur des Pharmacies magazine written by Yolande Gautier in April 2016: SKINTIFIQUE “metallic” skincare for allergic skins.


Article Skintifique Le Moniteur des Pharmacies


This article gives a global presentation of the Skintifique dermatological laboratory, as well as additional details on each product. A special emphasis has been made on our ”flagship product”, the Protective Cream HPS : ”First of its kind, the special formulation of this cream is based on a patented technology called Capturifique that consists of chelating metal ions at the surface of the skin to prevent them from entering the skin and hence, prevent an allergic reaction“.

Big thanks to the Moniteur des Pharmacies for this article!

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