Thank you @Public: "Buzzometer : the lab of the week"

This week, the Skintifique is in the 5th position of the “buzzometer” according to the magazine Public ! Learn in this article what the journalists of Public think about our laboratory.

Skintifique is “the laboratory of the week” according to the magazine Public! Indeed, Skintifique is a dermatological laboratory born in Paris and Boston working to bring comfort and relief to people with skin that is demanding, sensitive or affected by eczema, psoriasis, and other aggravating skin conditions.

Skintifique currently offers four innovative skin care products, which are 100% pure and non-allergenic. The formulations are safe and pure. Indeed, each ingredient has been carefully selected for its safety profile. In this pursuit of “essential effectiveness”, Skintifique focuses on quality over quantity with formulations that contain the fewest possible ingredients. And so, the four products in the Skintifique range contain between 5 to 13 ingredients – no more.

Thank you @Public for this article.

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