Thank you @Télé Star: "Arm your skin against pollution"

Télé Star magazine selected Skintifique Cleanser P as a “must have” product to arm your skin against pollution. Find out in this article how to protect your skin against pollution.

What are the effects of pollution on your skin?

Pollution can be quite bad for our skin. “Fine particles, ozone, nitrogen oxide… besides deteriorating our respiratory system, these pollutants cause skin damages that can be sometimes irreversible”. And this is even more true for sensitive and mature skins. Indeed, the “skin barrier is already damaged”. And for skins with a tendency towards oiliness, pollutants can produce a rise in the sebum production.

Which actions should you take to protect your skin against pollution?

According to the Télé Star journalist, a “three steps routine” is needed:

  • Cleansing. We need to “start with an efficient cleansing every morning and night to remove particles”. To do so, you can try Skintifique Cleanser P. Exceptionally gentle for the most sensitive skin, this purifying micellar water is particularly tough on pollution and trace of metals, which its exclusive formulation removes in a flash.
  • Protecting. During the day, your skin needs to be protected. And “aging signs have to be corrected”.  To protect the skin, you can rely on the Skintifique Moisturizing Lotion HP. The lotion’s rich and smooth texture moisturizes intensely and lets the skin breathe, all with bodyguard-style protection.
  • Preventing. It is important to prevent “the effects of UV rays by using a solar filter cream or suncream”. Don’t hesitate to use a sunscreen anytime you’re going to be outside.

 Thank you @Télé Star for this article and advice on how to protect our skin against pollution.

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