Thank you @Version Femina: "Tested for you... 6 body moisturizers"

The magazine Version Femina tested for you 6 body moisturizers. Among this selection, we were happy to find the Moisturizing Lotion HP. Discover in this article why the journalists of Version Femina love the Moisturizing Lotion HP!

Here are what the journalists of Version Femina think about the Moisturizing Lotion HP:

  • Its formulation:

Very few ingredients in this lotion but it has a patented technology aimed to moisturize and protect the allergic skin from irritant metals such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt.”

  • The review:

“Efficient to reduce the allergic rashes, this moisturizer has a rich texture that is quickly absorbed for this kind of formulation. With no stickiness, your skin feels protected all day long by a light layer. It’s surprising to feel your skin so protected and moisturized.

Thank you again @Version Femina for this test!

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