Thank you @Vogue: "SOS sensitive skin: Skintifique has the solution!"

In April, Skintifique was’s “beauty buzz of the day”! Our whole product range was distinguished in the article SOS sensitive skin: Skintifique has the solution !

Characterized as a brand that “redefined the codes of skincare with innovative products that are 100% safe for hyper-allergenic and fragile skin”, Skintifique creates the buzz at Our products are presented as “four fantastic productswith a range containing “a moisturizing body milk, a hydrating face gel, a protective cream and micellar cleansing water.

The article focuses on the minimalist formulation of all Skintifique products. Indeed, instead of chasing the latest exotic addition, Skintifique only uses active ingredients that are proven to be effective and with excellent safety profiles such as glycerine, bisabolol and castor oil. And so, the four products in the Skintifique range only contain between 5 and 13 ingredients and are made without paraben, silicone, mineral oil, flagrance and EDTA.

Thank you again for this article!

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