Interview: Elise takes care of her tattoos with Skintifique!

Discover in this article the testimony of Elise, who got a new tattoo and used Skintifique skin care products. Indeed, she tried the Hydrating Gel Plus HS and here is what she thinks.

Why did you choose Skintifique to take care of your tattoo?

It’s not my first tattoo. For my previous ones, I used a cream that is normally used on babies!It’s probably great for them, but it is not the best fit for a tattooed skin. The texture is very rich, and not very pleasant to use.

How did you get to know Skintifique?

By surfing on the web! I have a reactive and sensitive skin. So I was looking for the best solution for my skin and for my tattoo. I wanted a good healing. And then I came across your website.

What convinced you?

First, I love the fact that this cream was developed for sensitive and damaged skin like mine. I was also convinced by all the testimonies.There is a lot of talk about how toxic some cosmetics can be, so I was looking for really safe skin care. And I learnt that to heal, I needed to moisturize first.

 So, what do you think about our product?

I love it!!! The texture is so much better that the baby cream my tattoo artist gave me! The Hydrating Gel has a smooth texture which is quickly absorbed. It’s not sticky like other products. And in terms of results, I can really see the difference. The healing process is faster and better. My skin is smoother.

Would you recommend Skintifique to your friends?

Definitely! I love these products. I first used it to help repair my skin which was quite damaged after my tattoo. Then, I use it to protect my tattoo. And finally, I tried it on my face, and I can only say that my sensitive skin is loving it! Since then, I have been using the Hydrating Gel daily!

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