Skintifique products just turned 1 !

One year ago, we launched Skintifique products after two years of scientific research. We were very proud to present this range of 4 very innovative products, the outcome of an advanced scientific research.

Today, in retrospect, and with the feedback from many customers, the conviction that we had when we launched the Skintifique adventure is strengthened: it is possible to create very efficient products while striving for the purest and safest possible composition.

This is the case with the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, which contains only 8 ingredients, and no paraben, silicone, mineral oil, fragrance, EDTA or lanoline, and is today on of the best moisturizers available on the market. The feedback from our customers confirms its soothing and moisturizing action, and its efficacy on skins which are dry, sensitive or suffering from dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, epidermolysis bullosa

The Protective Cream HPS is the first cream in the world that offers a protection against allergy to Nickel, Chromium, or other irritant metals. Our customers have used it to protect their skin against an allergy to their wedding ring, costume jewelry, or earrings… Here again, its composition is extremely pure and safe, with only 12 ingredients among the safest and most well known.

Finally, the Cleanser P and the Moisturizing Lotion HP have received many good reviews: you can read the testimonials of Katell, Pauline or Gaelle. The Cleanser P is a very pure micellar lotion which cleanses the skin efficiently and softly. The Moisturizing Lotion HP is a moisturizer for the body which hydrates and protects the skin.

Since the launch of the products, we have constantly been dedicated to improving the customer experience. We have multiplied the points of sales for our products: pharmacies, specialized shops, Amazon… We have setup different secured payment modes: credit card, Paypal… We wish to continue improving our service, and your suggestions are more than welcome: you can contact us by clicking here to share them with us.

To celebrate this birthday, we are launching the Skintifique week, which has already started with an exceptional offer on our Facebook page: 50% off your favorite product on your next order on the Skintifique website. You can find all the details of this offer on our Facebook page by clicking here. Other offers will also be available on our newsletter: you can subscribe to it in the column at the right of this page.

And most important of all, the year to come will be full of new developments and innovations to continue answering your needs and requests as much as possible. The adventure continues!

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