Thank you @Beautypops: "My atopic skin has a new ally: Skintifique!"

The Beautypops blog published an article on the Cleanser P. Indeed, her author, Pauline, has a very sensitive, reactive and allergic skin, and this product is perfectly adapted for her, because in addition to cleansing the skin efficiently, it is very soft, and with a very pure composition.

Pauline has a very sensitive and reactive skin and is the author of the Beautypops blog. She is also allergic to Chromium, which is contained in many objects of the daily life. Pauline tested the Cleanser P, which is perfectly adapted to her skin because it cleanses the skin softly and efficiently, and it eliminates all traces of Chromium from the skin.

Here is what Pauline says about the Cleanser P:

“I have really found THE ideal micellar lotion for my skin. I have less and less red patches and irritations since I started using it. And I will make sure to try other products from the brand which appears very promising.”

To read the full article, you can click here.

Thank you, Pauline and the Beautypops blog for this article!

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