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Our super effective, safe and clean skincare products, thanks to innovation (7 patents in USA and abroad!) make people happy. More than 50,000 happy users have already trusted us, so we share some of their comments here !

Intense and long lasting moisturizing "All-in-One". For face and body. All skin types.

"Magic! I've been using this new moisturizing balm on my face every morning since the temperatures have dropped. It's incredibly moisturizing and "comfortable", the skin on my face feels soothed. I should point out that my skin is dry, very reactive to temperature changes, it tends to blush and tingle slightly. With this balm, it is protected from external aggressions while remaining hydrated. I no longer have the somewhat sticky feeling that I had with the moisturizing gel, I am very satisfied with this formula. I have absolutely no more redness and my skin no longer reacts to the temperature variations that we experience in winter when it is cold outside when entering a heated room. really great comfort on a daily basis, a big congratulations and a thousand thanks to the Skintifique team." Evelyne

Soins visage & anti-âge, tous types de peau

""I love this cream, it has no smell, it doesn't cause allergies or change my skin type, i.e. it doesn't leave it drier or oilier. Regarding its anti-wrinkle action, I observe my face firmer after just a few weeks of use. I strongly recommend it." Yasmina

"After a few weeks using this routine, wrinkles are less pronounced, and brown spots seem to fade. And I definitely look better!" Clem

"Only positives to highlight for this serum which is absolutely incredible, what a great discovery! Like every time I use a cosmetic product for the first time, I went to check its composition on the yuka site and there it was already starting very well since this serum obtained the perfect score of 100/100, it was impossible to do better. Then at the opening, no particular perfume, this serum has a neutral smell, perfect too. The pump bottle system works well, the dose taken each time is more than enough to treat the entire face and even the neck. The serum is not too liquid, easy to spread despite everything. After application, you immediately feel good, the skin pulls less, it is more supple and softer. For me it is the ideal serum for daily use. I highly recommend." Laurence

"The skintifique cleansing lotion is a revelation for me. I conscientiously removed make-up from my skin every evening, before applying a treatment, thinking I was doing the right thing. From the day I applied the cleansing lotion after my make-up removal, I realised how many impurities remained on my skin despite the make-up remover. This lotion deeply cleanses, without attacking the skin. It leaves it supple, fresh and breathable. The application of my skincare cream is therefore more pleasant and much more effective. So I started using the cleansing lotion after my morning soap cleanse, before applying makeup. I recommend it to everyone" Elodie

Hydratation et protection de la peau allergique ou exposée à la pollution. Visage et Corps.

"Best cream ever used! Excellent product adopted for a few years: ultra moisturizing, excellent performance" Pascale

"Very effective for sensitive dry skin, this milk moisturizes perfectly. Incredible comfort and fragrance-free, which is very reassuring. I use it on the body several times a week and almost daily to moisturize my hands. A year ago, brown spots were starting to appear on my hands and I noticed a significant drop since I applied this lotion, some spots have completely disappeared! For me it is a miracle product." Eve

"This lotion was effective against my boyfriend's eczema" Djamila

Préoccupations fréquentes

"I'm allergic to nickel. At the skin test, the allergist told me that the reaction was strong. I pay attention to food (I have a list of foods to avoid). But on the skin side, it was more complicated with a strong contact allergy. Now, with Skintifique, I put on protective cream before touching an object containing Nickel (I was even able to put ear plugs back on). Then, morning and evening, I use the milk to hydrate myself and the cleansing lotion to wash my skin thoroughly. I am conquered! Thank you" Eléonor

"The patient is a 36-year-old woman who has suffered from perioral dermatitis (POD) for several years. She is also allergic to Nickel. After testing many topical creams containing steroids with little or no effect, I prescribed him the Protective Cream HPS. She came back to see me a week later with healthy skin, without erythema and without flaking. The Protective Cream clearly helped this patient relieve the symptoms of her perioral dermatitis. Malena G, MD

"Amazing it really made a majority of my spots go away despite having tried so many creams before!" Lea

"My life has changed thanks to this cream: reduction in the color of the plaques, less scratching, hydrated skin." Amélie

"Super. My daughter is happy" Cat

"It's a real miracle for me. Thank you so much for your help" Beatrice

"My two children have had sensitive skin and eczema since they were babies. After trying a lot of different products, I discovered Skintifique a few months ago and I think I finally found moisturizers that are suitable for my children! The Lotion texture is very soft and absorbs quickly into the skin, while the Gel texture is richer. I followed the advice given by Skintifique and I apply the Lotion in the morning just after showering and the Gel in the evening before they go to bed. Plus, I love that they're fragrance-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free. It's important for me to be careful what I put on my children's skin." Christelle

"Excellent ! For the eczema I had on my hand. I had tried everything, even cortisone because it was getting worse... Even with cortisone, it came back. On the advice of my osteopath I tried this cream. A miracle: the eczema disappeared in a few days. A push came back. The cream put an end to the eczema. I highly recommend it" Chris

"Thanks to your products, I no longer use cortisone cream, which did more harm than good! Before discovering your products, my skin couldn't stand anything. And one miracle day I came across your products which has improved my life a lot! What a relief ! I couldn't do without it! Today, the outbreaks are much less numerous than in the past and I manage to put on makeup without any more problem." Florence

"Fabulous! Suffering from dyshidrosis in the hands and especially in the feet, this product saved my life. This immediately relieves irritation. Whereas before it took me weeks or even months to overcome it!" Clarisse

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