You can accumulate 10% of your order in vouchers with our loyalty program, which are redeemable on your next purchase.

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It's simple

1 purchase on skintifique.me
10% of your order in voucher

How to join the Skintifique loyalty program?

It's very easy! After creating an account, you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.

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How does the Skintifique loyalty program work?

With each purchase made on the www.skintifique.me website, you receive 10% of the amount of your order, which you can then use for your next purchase.

Where can I find my loyalty rewards balance?

Once logged in, you can find the total amount of your rewards in the "My Rewards" section of your account.

How do I use my loyalty rewards?

In the "My Rewards" section of your account, you can convert your rewards into discount vouchers. 

Once transformed, you will find all your vouchers under your customer account's "Your vouchers" section.

These vouchers can be used in the "Promo code" section of your cart.

How long are my rewards valid?

A reward is valid for a year after it is validated. In the "My Rewards" section of your customer account, you can convert your rewards into a discount voucher.



For each friend you sponsor, you will receive $15 and your sponsored friend will save 30% on her first order!

You can also become a member of the Skintifique community by subscribing to our newsletter, where you will receive expert information, personalised advice, and exclusive promotional offers.

I have been sponsored. What should I do?

Great for you!

Your sponsor has provided you with her unique sponsor code or email.

To benefit from the advantages of the sponsorship, you need to create an account on the Skintifique website. To do so:

1- Click on the Account icon at the top of any page or click HERE

2- Select "No account? Create one here"

3- Then enter your information (name, email, password) and enter the unique sponsor code or email in the box at the bottom of the form: "Code or E-mail address of your sponsor" (see illustration below):



4- Then press "Save".

That's it, your account is created and you will now enjoy a significant discount on your first purchase.

You will also enjoy Loyalty Rewards (10% in voucher for your next purchases) and the possibility to become yourself also a sponsor of your friends! Plus regular information and commercial offers!

What are the benefits of the Referral program?


- 30% savings on their first order on Skintifique website.

- All the benefits of having a client account:

-- Loyalty points (10% of each order, redeemable on next orders for additional savings)

-- Possibility to sponsor their own friends & community

-- Information and additional commercial offers


- $15 (or 15€) in reward for each sponsored person who makes a first purchase on Skintifique website.

You will find all the terms and conditions of the Referral Program HERE

How do I sponsor my friends?

You can share your link or referral code or invite your friends via email from this page to sponsor your friends.

Via the sponsorship link:

All future referred friends need to do is register using this link (accessible from your account's Referrals page).

Via the sponsor code:

Sponsor Codes are personal codes. They can be found on the Sponsor page of your account. Just share this code with your future referred friends. They must indicate this (or your email address) in the "Code or E-mail address of your sponsor" field when creating their customer account.

Via the form:

The referral form can also be found on your account's Referral page. They will then receive an invitation email that includes a link that will give then the instructions to create their account and benefit from your sponsorship.

You need to have ordered at least once on Skintifique website to become a referrer.

How to Use Referral Rewards

Your referred friend will receive a voucher that gives him a 30% discount on his order. 

You will receive a $15 promo code 15 days after the first order from your referred friend. If you have not received a code in your mailbox after following all these instructions, be sure to check your spam folder.

How long are Referral rewards valid?

Rewards are valid for one year from the date of validation.

What are the terms and conditions of use for the sponsorship program
Can I sponsor more than one person?

Yes of course, you can sponsor as many people as you like.

Can I receive the reward in cash?

For private indiiduals, sponsorship / referral rewards are redeemable as vouchers on future purchases on Skintifique website.

If you are an affiliate, an influencer, a retailer or another professional contact us directly to benefit from cash rewards.

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