Testimonial of Katia, "allergic to everything"

Katia is a 28-year-old pharmacist. In her own words, she is “allergic to everything”. She is a young, outgoing woman who loves to interact with friends and colleagues, both socially and in the context of her demanding profession.

Katia’s skin is particularly sensitive and fragile, and she suffers from multiple allergies, which include allergies to Nickel and Chromium. These common metal irritants cause her skin to react by developing rashes (also known as contact dermatitis, or contact eczema).

She has developed avoidance strategies to protect herself from contact with common items that may contain these allergens and irritants (such as jeans buttons, buckles, and jewelry. In particular, she has to avoid wearing jewelry, except when it is made exclusively with enriched gold (18 karats or higher) or silver.

She had also noticed that she could not wear items made of leather, such as sandals and watches with leather straps, as contact with them gave her rashes.

She heard about Skintifique through a friend and reached a decision to try their products. She describes what she did and what she observed.

What Katia did and what she discovered

Katia tried the Protective Cream HPS to test its effects on her sensitive skin. She put the cream on the areas that came in contact with the items that usually caused her rashes. She then put on several personal items that she knows would induce her contact dermatitis (fancy earrings, a watch with a leather strap, belts with a buckle). She could usually withstand their contact for no more than one hour before she had to remove them due to the itching and redness they caused. She reported the contact time she could tolerate, and whether she had any kind of skin reaction when she had put the cream on.

Katia, who has pierced ears, found out that she was now able to wear her earrings for 8 hours without any itching or rashes, which was absolutely impossible for her before. She also found out that she can wear belts with fancy buckles for a full work day without feeling the urge to protect her belly skin by putting her shirt in her pants. She can also now enjoy wearing a watch with a leather strap (given to her by her father) for a full day, without developing any symptoms of contact dermatitis.

What Katia says

“I call it the magic cream. I’m completely dazzled by its protective effect on me. It is both efficient and easy to use.

I have been able to wear some jewelry that I love, but have not previously been able to tolerate, and this for whole days or evenings.

After discussing with scientists from Skintifique, I realized that in addition to Nickel and several other things I was aware of, I am also allergic to Chromium. I previously thought that the rashes I got from contact with my leather items were due to excessive sweating, but the tests with the cream convinced me I’m instead allergic to the Chromium used to treat leather items. Now I can wear the watch I got from my dad without feeling any discomfort at all.”

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