The exceptional efficacy of Skintifique products

A point to highlight is that Skintifique products are based on scientific innovations, really! Indeed, our scientists develop and harness novel technologies that address specific issues (e.g long lasting moisturizing, skin protection, etc) in order to design exceptionally safe and efficient products for people with skin that is sensitive, allergic and stressed (psoriasis, eczema, pollution,…). Find in this article some figures which describe the exceptional efficacy of Skintifique products.

Skintifique products benefit from considerable internal and external expertise, in the US and France, our birth countries, as well as from an approach called “open innovation” to launch on the market only skin care products which bring real solutions. They also reflect two key founding principles: “Bioinspiration” and “Radical Simplicity”. Click here to learn more about these principles.

Skintifique’s innovation is in how active ingredients are assembled together to maximize efficacy, safety and achieve new properties. This is the science of physicochemistry applied to skin care and dermatology.
This maximization of the efficiency is possible thanks to:

  • Unique product properties based on how ingredients are assembled together
  • Extensive testing through both predictive science and trials&errors.
  • Ingredients scientifically recognized for their efficacy.
  • The dosage of each ingredient carefully selected to optimize efficacy.

Here are some figures to prove the efficacy of our products:

In 100% of the scientific tests carried out, some lasting over six months, measurements of the skin’s moisture levels were particularly high from the first use and remained so throughout the tests: +70% moisture increase for some people.

A series of scientifically controlled tests showed, when the lotion is used once daily on the body: a +35% moisture increase from day one.

Scientific tests demonstrated 100% of cutaneous comfort after using the Cleanser P. And it efficiently removes Nickel particles from the surface of the skin. As a result, the Cleanser P is also an excellent antipollution product.

A series of scientifically controlled tests has been carried out with volunteers allergic to Nickel or Chromium. They applied the Protective Cream HPS onto their skin (earlobe, forearm, stomach) before wearing personal items that they knew would quickly cause irritations. In almost 70% of cases, the skin didn’t present any reaction or discomfort following exposure to the objects. A single application of the cream provided over five hours of protection for most people and over fourteen hours for some.

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Hydrating Gel Plus HS

An exceptionally pure head-to-toe moisturizing, soothing and repairing cream. Provides intense and long-lasting relief

Protective Cream HPS

The first cream in the world to protect the skin from irritant metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…) for up to 14h while letting it breathe

Moisturizing Lotion HP

A very pure moisturizing body lotion which hydrates and protects from pollution and metals (Nickel, Chromium…)

Cleanser P

An extremely pure, soft and efficient micellar water which cleanses, removes make-up, traces of pollution and metals (Nickel…)

Skintifique science
  • New long-lasting moisturizing technology
  • Protection against allergens and pollution
  • Extremely pure formulations

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