Contact allergy

Contact allergy, also called allergic contact dermatitis, is becoming more common. We called “allergic contact dermatitis” a type of eczema which is caused by an allergic reaction to a product that was previously supported. This product becomes an allergen. The most common allergens are: cosmetics, metals (Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt), fragrance, latex or leather …

 f you suffer from allergic contact dermatitis, it is recommended to use skin care products which protect, moisturize and soothe skin. Skintifique products are particularly suitable, because they are very efficient and have extremely safe and pure formulations (they are fragrance-free too).

You can then try the Dermatitis Pack which is composed of 2 skin care products that work together with great results:

  • Moisturizing Lotion HP which moisturizes and protects skin from potential allergens (pollution, dryness, metals…) that can help trigger an allergic rash
  • Hydrating Gel Plus HS which moisturizes intensely, soothes durably and helps repair irritated skin

Also, if your allergic contact dermatitis is caused by irritant metals (Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt…), you can test the Protective Cream HPS which offers a unique protection against metals, or the Metal Allergy Pack.

Recommended skin care for contact allergy

Dermatitis Pack

Intense and long-lasting moisturizing and soothing. Protects skin from environmental stressors which can trigger contact allergy outbreaks. Proven efficacy. Very safe & pure formulations.

Moisturizing Lotion HP

Very pure moisturizing lotion which hydrates and protects skin from environmental stressors (pollution, dryness, metals…) that can irritate and help trigger contact allergy outbreaks.

Hydrating Gel Plus HS

This cream provides an intense and long-lasting moisturizing, soothes and helps repair skin which is irritated by contact allergy. Very pure & safe formulation.

What are the results of Skintifique products on contact allergy?

Below are photos of a woman suffering from contact allergy on both hands due to a Nickel allergy. After using the Protective Cream HPS to protect her skin against contact with Nickel, the Moisturizing Lotion HP to moisturize her skin by day, and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS to repair her skin by night, a very clear improvement can be seen.

Paraben free – metal free (no Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt…) – fragrance free – EDTA-free - BPA free (no phthalates, bisphenol, non-toxic plastic) - sulfates free (no SLS & SLES) – gluten free - silicone free (no dimethicone) - alcohol free - mineral oil free (petroleum free) - lanolin free.

Testimonials of persons suffering from contact allergy and using Skintifique products


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Skin Deep was launched in 2004 by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American nonprofit environmental research whose goal is to provide information to protect human health and the environment. EWG’s Skin Deep database aims to give information about personal care and cosmetic products that you purchase and bring into your home.

SkinSAFE is a database of skin care products based on ingredients, that can help you avoid a product that contains your allergen. All the products are ranked based on how free they are from the top most common allergy causing ingredients. Thus, with SkinSAFE, everybody can find safe skin care, free from allergens and irritants!

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