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Innovative skin care for sensitive, allergic or irritated skin


Patented technologiesPure and safe compositions  Exceptional efficacy

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Hydrating Gel Plus HS Protective Cream HPS Moisturizing Lotion HP Cleanser P 



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"With the Protective Cream HPS, I can now wear the jewelry that I love for the whole day" - Katia, 28, allergic to Nickel and "everything"

"The Hydrating Gel is the only skin care that penetrated my skin deeply and durably enough. I do not feel the disease like a handicap anymore." - Xavier, 54, hand psoriasis

"Products distributed to 4 patients, 2 of whom are very allergic. There was an improvement for all 4 of them." - Doctor Z., dermato-allergologist

"SOS sensitive skin: Skintifique has the solution" - Vogue