About us

About us

Skintifique is a new dermatological laboratory born in Paris (France) and Boston (USA), which develops and distributes extremely safe, effective and eco-friendly skincare to preserve and help repair demanding skin.

Research and innovation for people with demanding skin

Skintifique offers extremely safe and pure skincare. The formulations are based on two key founding principles : “Bioinspiration” and “Radical Simplicity”. They include the world’s first skincare product to provide protection against allergies to metals such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt, as well as a product with exceptionally strong and lasting moisturizing and soothing efficacy, that enables the skin to engage natural repair pathways… Skintifique develops and commercializes very safe and innovating products that are based on rigorous science and dermatology focus.

Our team

The co-founders

Dr. Jacques Delort

CEO and co-founder

Dr. Jeffrey Karp

Chair of the scientific committee and co-founder

L'équipe senior

Dr. Elisabeth Briand

Research & Development

Marie Andrade

Digital & Marketing

Jakob Haesler

Business development

Dr. Praveen Vemula

Scientific advisor

Skintifique is the ambitious project of two leading scientists, Dr. Jacques Delort, an entrepreneur and former medical science researcher, and Dr. Jeffrey Karp, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and MIT. They met through their work and from there grew a friendship based on mutual respect, consolidated by their shared goal to harness scientific discoveries and approaches that improve everyone’s everyday life and health. Medical, environmental or technological advances… we know that some areas of research require years and years of work before leading to concrete results.
Skintifique quickly expanded and Dr. Jacques Delort and Dr. Jeffrey Karp were joined by an enthusiastic team of brilliant scientists and experts from different backgrounds. They decided to pool their skills and values to make Skintifique a brand that’s always driven by the ambition to innovate and deliver the best possible solutions in well being and dermatology. It is thanks to the commitment, passion and professionalism of the whole team that Skintifique’s innovation has been possible. Just two years later came the Skintifique laboratory with the launch of the Protective Cream HPS, the world’s first product to protect skin against metals such as Nickel, Chromium or Cobalt. It was quickly followed by the revolutionary Hydrating Gel Plus HS, whose new and exclusive Activifique technology enables controlled and gradual release of the active ingredients for exceptional ongoing hydration and a tailored response, to the skin’s needs. This promising start for Skintifique continues to drive the development of future exciting products for skincare and medicine.

Heavyweight support

Skintifique is a winner of the Senate Tremplin Entreprise and CREADEV innovation competitions. It is or has been supported by prestigious institutions and organizations (Senate, Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI / OSEO), Paris City Hall / Agoranov, Institut de la Vision), which enables Skintifique to pursue its primary aim : innovating to develop new products and services in dermatology and skincare, and more generally all sectors that benefit from a joint scientific and technological approach that’s focused on people who demand the best.