Free to be me

Free to be me

You’ve been telling us this for 7 years: our products help you feel free to be you. And that’s our greatest pride!

Amanda, affected by psoriasis

“I can dress any way I want: tights don’t irritate me anymore!”

Amanda has been using Skintifique products for several months. She explains: “At first, I didn’t see any difference. As Skintifique does not promise immediate results, I waited 1 week and the symptoms began to decrease. After 2 months, I start to see a glaring difference! The plaques are less visible and have become simple whitish spots. I have no more itching and I can dress as I want: tights no longer irritate me!

Amanda leads a fight against prejudice and to defend self-assertion. She decided to enter beauty contests without hiding her psoriasis, to present herself and explain her approach in public. Discover her fight on her Instagram account by clicking HERE

Fanny, affected by eczema

“My hands hurt a lot less during my daily activities!”
Fanny suffers from hand eczema and irritations. She often has eczema outbreaks and these outbreaks are even more frequent and painful when she is stressed. Because of these flare-ups, her daily activities can be very painful. Her hands are often so damaged that she is embarrassed to show them in public, if only to give or take change when she goes shopping
She tells us: “Since I discovered the Hydrating Gel Plus HS, I use less corticosteroids during my eczema outbreaks. I also have fewer crevices and they are less deep. My hands suffer much less during my daily activities. The use of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS does not prevent eczema outbreaks unfortunately. However, the flare-ups are less painful and they seem less intense than before using this product.”
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For us, to be clean means to manage to combine, without false promise, a clinically proven effectiveness for the most demanding skins with formulations free of superfluous and risky ingredients.

The key? Innovation!

Katia, affected by many allergies

“I can wear costume jewelry for 8 hours. I don’t care if my belt buckle will rub on my skin or not!”
Katia has particularly sensitive and fragile skin, and she has many allergies, especially Nickel and Chromium, which cause irritation when her skin is in contact with objects that contain these metals.
What Katia says: “I have always lived with allergies, whether seasonal, contact or food allergies.
They are neither very serious nor too intrusive… Just enough to prevent me from doing things “like everyone else”. Now, what girl has not had at least once in her life the desire to live, eat and shop like everyone else? I was determined not to let my allergies dominate my daily life!
The discovery of Skintifique products has definitely revolutionized my lifestyle. The routine of care allows me to finally have a moisturized and supple skin. But the best product is the Protective Cream. for an allergic person like me. By applying this Protective Cream HPS, I can wear costume jewelry for 8 hours. I don’t care if my belt buckle will rub on my skin or not.”
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Xavier, affected by psoriasis

“One of the first things I was able to do when my hands got better was gardening. It’s silly and simple but I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Week 1

Week 26

Xavier is a 54-year-old entrepreneur with psoriasis on his hands. He tells us about his painful experience with this skin disease, and how he managed to overcome it.
He tells us in particular: “The most pleasant thing that illness has brought me is to rediscover the joy and use of my hands once healed.
One of the first things I was able to do when my hands got better was gardening. It’s silly and simple but I couldn’t do it anymore. The first time I was able to start gardening again, I hurt myself, because I was so happy to find a normal use of my hands that I had forgotten that I still had cracks.
Now, I can use my hands for DIY and gardening, and it’s absolutely great!”
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Adapted routine = recovered freedom!

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