Skintifique: What's in a name and a logo?

We are often asked about the Skintifique name and logo. What does it mean? Why does it sound and read the way it does? And what about this logo?

The name

At the start of any venture, including scientific, medical and business ventures, there are many intense and creative times. In particular, there are times when the whole team gets involved to identify the name that best captures the spirit and intent of the project, as well as those of the people who are, giving a lot of energy and passion to make it happen. Many names are proposed. Some are inspirational, others fun, others trying to be inspirational or fun. They are sometimes the results of targeted searches and sometimes created by active minds. And during this intense time, friends, families, advisers, partners are mobilised; there are passionate and intense discussions, brainstorming, and even arguments… And one day, THE name becomes evident.

For us, it came from the lady friend of a family member of a team member, from Boston, Toronto or Paris. No one really remembers exactly in fact. But what is clear is that it was the right name. A link between America and Europe, USA, Canada and France, the countries where Skintifique was born. And a link between the world of ‘skin’ and the world of scientific excellence. And a frontier between the worlds of skincare and the one of dermatology and medicine, the frontier where all people meet when they are in search of exceptional products for their skin, be it for health, beauty, or just to enjoy the best that life offers despite one’s dry skin, allergy, eczema, psoriasis, dyshidrosis or the numerous other skin conditions that are part of everyday life.

And the logo?

Another story about creativity and significance. Many passionate people involved again, and a lot of work to find out a significance, an emotion, and visibility. There again, a lot to say, but for today, let’s just link to Subdesign, the creative team who helped made our first logo possible. See their vision for yourself. Enjoy the reading. And think it is just the beginning of the story!

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