Thank you @L.E.M blog: "The micellar water with only 5 ingredients..."

This week, we are happy to share the article that Leanne, from L.E.M blog, wrote about our Cleanser P.  Here is what she thinks of  the micellar water with only 5 ingredients.

Review of the Cleanser P


In her post “the micellar water with only 5 ingredients…“, she reviews the Cleanser P. The results are very good, in her own words :

” I have tried this out quite a few times now and I am fairly impressed.”

She was also surprised at the beginning by the very small number ingredients of our Cleanser P saying ” The small number of ingredients used in the making of this product minimises skin reaction & irritation. It cleanses skin effectively without leaving it feeling dry and itchy like other brands “. One of the core values of Skintifique is the “Radical Simplicity” meaning that our products use active ingredients that are proven to be effective and with exceptional safety profiles. That is why Skintifique focuses on quality over quantity with formulations that contain the fewest possible ingredients. Thus, the four products in the Skintifique range contain between 5 and 13 ingredients – no more!

Her last advice is ” If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, allergies or are just really sensitive I would give this a try.”

Thank you very much Leanne for this article!

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