How to invite your friends to be part of Skintifique's referral program ?

Skintifique’s referral program is an opportunity for your friends to discover new innovative products while earning a $15 discount on their first order on the Skintifique website. And what about you? You get a $15 discount once your friend makes his first order! Find out in this article all the different ways to invite your friends to be part of this Skintifique referral program.

The Skintifique referral program was created for you to help your friends discover innovative products while being rewarded. And it is very simple to be part of this program! You just have to invite your friends to be part of the Skintifique community. Here is how to do so step by step:

First, you have to connect to your personal account with your e-mail address and your password. Then go to the “Referral Program” section.

Once you are logged in your personal account, you can choose between different options to invite your friends:

  • Offer your referral on social networks. Three different links are available: Facebook, Twitter and Google +.     . You just have to click on one or more links and then personalize your message. Your friends will see your publication and will click directly in the link to register.


  • Give a referral link to your friends. For every client, Skintifique creates an unique link that redirects every person that clicks on it to your referral program section. It’s an easy and quick way to refer a great number of people. You can for instance post this referral link on internet, in a blog or a forum.
  • Give them your mail or your referral code to enter in the registration form. In the same way, Skintifique creates for you a referral code made of 8 digits that you can directly give to your friends. When your friend wants to create his personal account, he has to register with this referral code. He can also put your e-mail.



  • Fill in the following form and they will receive an e-mail. You just have to fill in with your friends’ mail. They will receive an invitation e-mail containing a direct link to create their personal account.


Here are the options to invite your friends to be part of the Skintifique community. Your friends just have to create their personal account and make their first order in our website… They will then get a $15 voucher and you will earn your $15 reward.

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