1- The referral program is offered as a service by Skintifique SAS, to help people who may benefit from its products, and to reward people and organizations who contribute to making Skintifique’s products better known. As a company that is dedicated to spending as much of its resources to inventing and developing new products, Skintifique believes that sponsors, referrers and affiliates who contribute to making its products better known provide a service to everyone and to the community in general.

2 – The referral program may, at Skintifique’s exclusive choice, be offered with different options and rules for different categories of participants, in particular for professionals and businesses.

3 – It is possible to refer only a person who does not yet have a customer account on the Skintifique website.

4 – The first order of the referred friend leads to the validation of his referrer’s reward whatever the amount, and for all products excluding test formats or samples.

5 – Rewards for referrers are generally awarded 15 days after the referred friend has made her purchase; it is not awarded if the referred person has returned the product(s), or if the order has been canceled.

6 – Unless specified otherwise, rewards are generally valid for a period of 1 year starting the day of their validation.

7 – In cases when rewards are transformed into paid commissions, at the request of a referrer, an invoice should be sent to Skintifique prior to any payment, with the word “commission” and the amount clearly stated.

8 – Sponsors, referrers, and affiliates may promote Skintifique’s products through a variety of media and channels, including websites, social sites, emails, prints and personal interactions. Promotion must respect good practices and regulations; in particular, it may not involve spamming.

9 – Skintifique and its products may not be promoted in any way, or in association with, or through a media that promotes, displays or engages in discrimination, sexually explicit behavior or language, illegal content or activities, abusive language, politically charged content or activities, and more broadly any content or activities that may cause offense.

10 – It is imperative that Skintifique’s products and brands are promoted with the strictest ethics; in particular the products, associated claims, and the brand should never be misrepresented. Any person or institution who promotes Skintifique’s products through the sponsorship, referral and affiliate programs acknowledged that she/he takes full and exclusive responsibility, including legal ones, for consequences that may result from her/his representation of Skintifique, its products, and associated claims, if such representation is different from the one provided by Skintifique.

11 – It is each referrer’s responsibility to ensure that they abide by all regulations and codes of ethic that may apply to their professional and personal situation, in their geography, when they request their rewards to be delivered as paid commission, vouchers, or otherwise. It is, in particular, the referrer’s responsibility to declare appropriately revenues and advantages derived from the referral program to the national and local tax authorities that they answer to. It is understood by all parties that due to the variety of situations, geographies, and rules that may apply, Skintifique cannot be held responsible for inappropriate use of the program by any individual person or organization.

12 – Skintifique reserves all rights to modify, terminate or more broadly change all and any aspects of its referral program, at all time, and with no possible recourse by anyone.

13 – Skintifique reserves the right to suspend or cancel the rewards awarded to any person or organization who provides misleading information, or who does not respect the referral program rules, or its spirit, at any time, and with no possibility of recourse nor compensation.

14 – Any question regarding the sponsorship, referral and affiliate program should be directed to Skintifique

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