Chromium allergy is far less known than Nickel allergy. Nevertheless, this metal can set off an allergic contact eczema, just as Nickel does.

While allergies to costume jewellery and piercings are relatively easy to identify by those who suffer from allergy to Nickel, Chromium allergy can be difficult to diagnose. Yet, many objects contain Chromium and this allergy can be very severe. It is sometimes difficult to identify the presence of Chromium, because these objects are not always made of metal.

Leather for instance often contains Chromium salts, which are used for tanning. Although the remaining Chromium is in minute amounts in the commercial leather products, this can be enough to trigger allergic reactions. This is particularly true for medium and poor quality leather.

For illustration, here are a few comments shared by visitors of our website:

  • Gilles N: "Big break-out after using work gloves during hot weather. I was sweating in the gloves. First, I got small pimples, then red patches, then, burning sensation, then skin became very dry and started to peel off in patches and crevices appeared. I think it was residual Chromium salts in the leather of the gloves."
  • BLIN: "We just bought a leather sofa. Since then, I get serious neck burns when I use the headrest."
  • A. T.: "I am allergic to Chromium, with pimples that itch. I scratch them so bad. What can I use?"

The small spots that appear on your skin when you are wearing your watch are not necessarily caused by heavy perspiration: they can be the consequence of the presence of chromium in the bracelet.

Chromium is also found in pigments used in cosmetics and clothing. A green or yellow colour is generally the signal that chromate ions are present.

For those who are allergic, the high Chromium content of some foods can also cause allergic reactions. Several foods contain a high level of Chromium: tomatoes, broccolis, lettuce, turnips, radish…

To limit your skin exposition to Chromium, one needs to avoid as much as possible the sources of exposition. This is unfortunately not always possible, and one therefore needs systems which minimise contact.

Gloves or clothes can protect the skin, but cannot stop metals from penetrating the skin when they are conducted by perspiration for example.

Thanks to the exclusive CapturifiqueTM technology, several Skintifique products have the unique ability to trap Chromium (and also Nickel and Cobalt) and prevent them from penetrating into the skin. specifically the metals, including chromium, thus minimising the risks of allergic contact reactions.

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CAPTURE Chromium allergens before they penetrate into the skin

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