To work smoothly, a website requires many elements, from solid front office, to servers, to internet connections... and to compatibility with the devices used by the visitors. There are hence many instances when things may not work as anticipated.

This is why a great website also needs YOU, the visitor reporting issues so that our technical team can learn about and resolve them. 

If you encounter any challenge when using this website, please do report it using the form below. The more details you provide, the more efficient it will be to help our team resolve the issue. Key information include the device you are using, including version ideally (e.g. iphone 10 version XX, mobile Google, macbook pro 2019) and the browser (e.g., Safari 13.1.2, Chrome 94, Android XX...). If you may, please also upload sreen captures showing the issue. Thanks a million helping us improve this website!

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