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Testimonial of Catherine, allergic to Chromium

“I found out that I was allergic to Chromium when I was young. My allergy is so severe that I cannot put on fancy jewelry, I cannot touch, peel or eat vegetables containing or potentially containing Chromium (such as radish,  turnip or tomatoes for instance). I have a very strong reaction to Chromium and if I want to avoid Quincke edema, I have to start anti-histamine treatments quickly when I first feel rashes coming on after accidentally being exposed to an item containing Chromium.

I am fond of fancy jewelry and I have tried jewelry certified to be “hypoallergenic”. Eventually, it turns into a disaster. “Hypoallergenic” jewelry is just coated with a layer of varnish, and after 2 or 3 uses this varnish starts to wear off from some parts of the jewelry (mainly the pin which penetrates the earlobe), and as the skin of my earlobe starts to come in contact with the bare metal, the allergic reaction starts. Thus I had to decisively stop wearing fancy jewelry. I was limited to wearing expensive pure gold or silver jewelry. Then I met with Skintifique’s scientists, and I had a chance to test the Protective Cream HPS they were developing.

I have to admit that with some of the formulas tested at the beginning, I had to start my anti-histamine medication to calm the allergic reactions which began; but the last formulations tested were excellent for me. I have been using their Protective Cream HPS for 6 months by now, with no problems during complete work days, i.e. almost 11 hours. During these 6 months, I think I have used  the pair of very nice earrings that I bought when I started to test the creams 50 or 60 times.

What I do is put a fair amount of the Protective Cream HPS on my ear lobe, and I help the cream penetrate in my skin. I also cover the part of the earring which comes in contact with my skin with cream. And finally, I dip the earring’s in the cream before placing it in my ear lobe. As another precaution, I quickly rinse my ears at the end of the day to wash off any Chromium that may have come in contact with my skin.

I am really happy because thanks to this cream I can now gift myself with the fancy jewelry I have always wanted! “.

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