Thank you @Coiffure de Paris: "Skintifique fights against allergies"

Find Skintifique’s products in @Coiffure de Paris’ article: Skintifique fights against allergies. It is about one of our best-sellers, the Protective Cream HPS. It is the world’s first cream to protect the skin from contact with irritant metals.  

The Protective Cream HPS is the first cream in the world that is designed to specifically protect against metals such as Nickel and Chromium. These irritant metals are often responsible for rashes, redness, and itching after wearing daily objects (custom jewelry, belt buckles, watches, leather items…). These reactions can also appear in occupational environment. It is particularly true for hair care professionals. As underlined by Coiffure de Paris, the Protective Cream HPS can “help hair care professionals that fight against allergies and eczema”.

How does it work?

This protective skin cream is based on an exclusive and patented technology (Activifique). Similar to UV protection, this new technology captures metal ions on the skin’s surface and prevents them from penetrating the epidermis.

Thus, The Protective Cream HPS is specifically designed for people who are allergic to Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt or other metals.  And for all the ones who want to protect their skin when wearing everyday items containing irritant metals. It is also suitable for people who are particularly exposed due to their environment such as hair care professionals.

Thank you @Coiffure de Paris for this article!

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