Thank you @Kayleigh Zara: "Luxury beauty"

This week, we are happy to share the article that Kayleigh, from the blog Kayleigh Zara, wrote about the Cleanser P: Luxury Beauty. Here is what she thinks about Skintifique and about the Cleanser P.

We decided to reach out Kayleigh from the blog Kayleigh Zara, to try our products specially designed for sensitive, demanding and stressed skin. She kindly accepted to review the Cleanser P:

”  I’ve used it a handful of times to remove makeup and I found it very gentle on the skin, and I absolutely love the smell of it. I often find makeup removers can smell really strong and awful, but this has a very fresh soft scent! I also love the fact that it only has five ingredients and is completely paraben, silicon and fragrance free which I think is awesome! A great way to look out for your skin. The cleaner is for all skin types as well, especially those with sensitive skin and a nickel allergic. I personally have very normal skin, it’s not oily, dry or combination the product worked wonders for me. I also found that I didn’t need to wash my skin after wipping it off.


You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Thank you, Kayleigh for this article!

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