Thank you @Pharmacien Manager: "Skintifique, less is more"

For this summer,  Pharmacien Manager magazine dedicates an article to Skintifique: Skintifique, less is more.  It talks about Skintifique’s skin care products, their minimalist formulations, and their high technicality. 

One of the founding principles at Skintifique is the “Radical Simplicity”. Indeed, Skintifique focuses on quality over quantity with formulations that contain the fewest possible ingredients. As underlined by Pharmacien Manager, “5, 8, 12 and 13 are the respective numbers of active ingredients (mostly hydrating and soothing agents) for the 4 Skintifique products.  Instead of chasing after the latest exotic addition, Skintifique only uses active ingredients that are proven to be effective.

Why does Skintifique develop such a minimalist approach? The aim is to “bring comfort to sensitive skin, or skin that has been left damaged by dermatosis or metal allergy”. And to guarantee comfort to the most demanding skin, it is important to develop formulations that deliver maximum efficacy and tolerability.

Pharmacien Manager also emphasizes the high technicality of Skintifique skin care products.  The brand’s scientists and collaborators have created new technologies to maximize products’ efficacy and achieve properties that aren’t possible in standard formulations.

Thank you @Pharmacien Manager for this article.

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