Does your skin get irritated when it comes in contact with everyday items containing metals? If the answer is yes, you might be suffering from Nickel allergy!

Costume jewellery, watches, jeans buttons, leather accessories, coins, smartphones, tablets or computers… may cause redness, tingling, itching and unexpected irritation to your skin.

Why? Because of a hypersensitivity to metals such as Nickel. This is something quite common: 10% of the world’s population is allergic to Nickel. Women are much more affected than men, although men are increasingly affected due to the body piercing trend and the intense use of electronic items that may trigger the allergic reactions: smartphone, computer, tablets… even though many people are not aware that they have the allergy!


Which everyday items may trigger a contact eczema?

> Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets

> Watches

> Belts

> Clothing buttons

> Zippers

> Eye glasses

> Razor blades

> ...


In this article, we will focus on two types of allergy to Nickel and their different symptoms

1.Allergic contact dermatitis

Nickel allergy is the most common form of allergic contact dermatitis.

Dermatitis is a skin disorder characterised by a local inflammatory response, generally associated with allergic responses.

Someone with Nickel allergy will often have a localized response following exposure to objects containing Nickel.

Common symptoms are: dryer and warmer skin serious rash or bumps on the skin harsh itching severe redness or discolored skin fluid-filled blisters in severe cases leading to crusts and scales

Examples of allergic contact dermatitis: Typical examples include local redness and rashes on the earlobes when wearing costume earrings, on the wrist while wearing a watch or bracelet, and on the belly when wearing jeans with metal buttons.

The rash usually lasts for a few weeks.

2. Generalised Nickel Allergy and Nickel food allergy

This is much less common and it can be due, for instance, to: orthodontic braces tongue piercings foods containing high amounts of Nickel like pineapple or seafood.

Indeed, eating food with high concentrations of Nickel can also trigger an immune response and a skin irritation.

Common symptoms are: rash all over your body skin irritation

Examples of Nickel food allergy: You can readily find many on the web. A great source is Nickel Food Allergy site, which provides both testimonials about living with Nickel food allergy and many other resources. You can visit it by clicking here.

3. What products should you use if you are suffering from contact allergy to Nickel?

If your skin reacts to the above items, and if you have been diagnosed to be allergic to Nickel (or Chromium, or Cobalt), you may use Skintifique's Protective Cream or, for a full routine, the Nickel Allergy Relief Pack

Thanks to the exclusive CapturifiqueTM technology, the Protective Cream and the Moisturizing Lotion can trap metal allergens at the surface of the skin and prevent them from entering into the skin; consequently, they prevent or limit the skin break-out and rashes, even when the skin has been in contact with items that contain the Nickel or other metal allergens.

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CAPTURE Nickel allergens before they penetrate into the skin

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Skintifique helps sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin to free themselves from their constraints thanks to natural formulations and innovative and patented technologies