Nickel allergy is one of the most common skin allergies.

Indeed, 10% of the world’s population is allergic to Nickel.

Some figures: Almost 1 in 10 people has an allergy to Nickel or other metals such as Chromium and Cobalt! You may know someone who is allergic to one of these allergens and irritants. It can be you, a family member, a friend or a colleague!

Nickel allergy affects about 17% of women and 5% of men. Women and people who work directly with metals are particularly susceptible to the allergy.

In total, 700 Million of people are allergic to Nickel ! Nowadays, due to the numerous contacts we have with everyday items containing Nickel, and to pollution (which is rick in heavy metals), hypersensitivity to metals like Nickel is more and more common … though many people are not aware that they have the allergy!

Nickel is everywhere!

Every day, we come into contact with objects containing metals that irritate the skin such as Nickel. It can be, for instance, costume jewelry, watches, jean buttons, leather accessories, coins, smartphones, tablets or computers…

The contact with such objects can cause redness, tingling, itching and unexpected irritation.

For instance, recently, a man suffered from very painful rashes when using his new iPhone 6. This severe allergic reaction is due to the Nickel contained in this phone.

Another example is the relation that exists between developing Nickel allergy followings ear piercings or body piercings.

European Union legislation currently limits the amount of Nickel released from metals in prolonged contact with the skin. Thus, it is hoped that the allergy may become less common in the future.


Which everyday items may trigger a contact eczema?

> Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets

> Watches

> Belts

> Clothing buttons

> Zippers

> Eye glasses

> Razor blades

> ...

What can I do if I suffer from Nickel allergy?

Allergy to Nickel causes people to develop (allergic) contact dermatitis, which is also sometimes called contact eczema.

So what can you do if you are suffering from Nickel allergy? 

Of course, you need to try to avoid any contact with Nickel. But this can be quite complicated as Nickel is present in numerous of objects from our daily life.

Thus, you should also consider using Skintifique's Protective Cream HPS or the Moisturizing Lotion HP that are the world’s first moisturizing creams that do protect the skin when it comes in contact with Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt containing items.

Using a breakthrough technology called CapturifiqueTM, these skincare products capture the metal ions at the skin’s surface and prevent them from penetrating the epidermis. This is a way to stop triggering allergic or irritant reactions.

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CAPTURE Nickel allergens before they penetrate into the skin

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Skintifique helps sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin to free themselves from their constraints thanks to natural formulations and innovative and patented technologies

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Skintifique helps sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin to free themselves from their constraints thanks to natural formulations and innovative and patented technologies