How to avoid Nickel allergy symptoms? This is an important question for those concerned with Nickel allergy. In most cases, Nickel allergy is triggered by exposure to this metal allergen, through contact with everyday items that contain it. Once allergic, the only way to avoid skin break-outs and rashes is to avoid exposure, or to limit it using some advanced skincare. Below is more information.

First advice: Avoid Exposure

The first thing to do is to stay away from Nickel containing items, pollution etc.

Avoid costume jewellery. Many people realise that they are allergic to Nickel after feeling itching and irritations while wearing costume jewelry. It’s because costume jewelry often uses a Nickel alloy as the base metal. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets or watches can trigger symptoms of a Nickel allergy. To avoid this exposure, you can try to wear only Nickel-free jewelry or try the Protective Cream HPS which protects your skin from contact with Nickel. Indeed, thanks to an exclusive and patented technology, the Protective Cream captures metal ions on the skin’s surface and prevents them from penetrating the epidermis. If you interested by this cream to wear costume jewelry, you can read the testimonial of Nikki by clicking here. Inspect your clothing. Nickel is also present in belt buckles, bra hooks, and metal buttons, zippers, and snaps. Try to avoid clothing with these elements. You can also use substitute materials such as zippers or clothing fasteners made of plastic or coated metals. Or you can create a barrier between these items and your skin using nail polish or the Protective Cream HPS. Be careful with electronics. Recent studies or articles show that electronic devices, as well as, connected devices can contain Nickel. You need to protect your skin from the contact with such objects (cells phones, laptops, tablets etc…).

Unfortunately, this can be hard considering that every day we come in contact with numerous objects containing Nickel...

Also, in some professions, one can be in frequent contact with objects or materials which contain Nickel such as cashiers, health personnel, builders, hairdressers… In some extreme case, a change of job is necessary.

If you are very sensitive to Nickel, or have a "systemic Nickel allergy", you should also adopt low-Nickel diets, which cut out certain Nickel-rich foods.

Indeed, Nickel is present in most dietary items. And food is the major source of Nickel exposure for the general population. We wrote an article about how to adopt a Nickel allergy diet to reduce the amount of Nickel ingested that you can read by clicking here.


Which everyday items may trigger a contact eczema?

> Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets

> Watches

> Belts

> Clothing buttons

> Zippers

> Eye glasses

> Razor blades

> ...

Second advice: protect your skin

The idea here is to use something to protect your skin from contact with the Nickel containing objects.

Traditionally, this has been done with gloves or barrier creams to protect one's hands. However, wearing gloves at all times is not the most convenient thing to do. And traditional barrier creams tend to be simultaneously not very efficient, very heavy and "greasy" (they typically create a plastic like layer on the skin), and therefore not convenient at all; such traditional barrier creams also are non specific, meaning that they also block normal skin breathing and contact with the air, which is necessary for skin to remain healthy.

This is why a new solution has recently been developed by Skintifique. In short, the company scientists developed a novel approach, designated as CapturifiqueTM, that can be included into moisturizing creams and lotions and that selectively prevents Nickel and other allergens from penetrating into the skin, thereby effectively protecting it from triggering an allergic reaction and rash. Skintifique products that contain this CapturifiqueTM technology and are specifically designed for Nickel allergy skin include the Protective Cream HPS and the Moisturizing Lotion HP.

Third advice: efficiently manage the symptoms

Since it is very difficult to avoid exposure to Nickel, you may also need to deal with the symptoms of Nickel allergy once you skin has been exposed.

To that end, you should, of course, preserve your skin from further contact with Nickel, using one of the approaches above.

And you should also extensively moisturise your skin: according to a study published by Mayo Clinic: “your skin has a natural barrier that is disrupted when it reacts to Nickel and other allergens. Using emollient creams or lotion could reduce your need for topical corticosteroids”.

And of course, the skincare products you use should have very clean compositions, i.e., be free from the many ingredients that are known to be risky for one's skin, such as essential oils, formaldehyde releasers, common allergens etc. Unfortunately, such risky ingredients are found in most skincare available in the market... 

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Skintifique helps sensitive, intolerant and allergic skin free themselves from their constraints thanks to natural formulations and innovative and patented technologies

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