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two people to pamper for 9 months … and even after!

Maternity & cosmetics

two people to pamper for 9 months … and even after!

You will soon become a mother and when you think about your skin, terms like endocrine disruptors or slow cosmetics come to mind. And one question among many: how do I continue to take care of myself while making sure I don’t put my baby at risk? Let’s discuss this together.

My pregnancy, my skin

Pregnancy is a particular period in life that will put your skin to the test: physical transformation and hormonal disruption in particular. And all this while paying even more attention to the products you can use!

My baby first

The ingredients in the creams that you use everyday can penetrate the body and expose your baby to substances that are potentially toxic to him / her: his / her health and good development are then at risk. It is therefore essential to be very vigilant about the products you will use. We tell you what to avoid in our BLACKLIST OF INGREDIENTS.

Raging hormones

Being pregnant also means producing many more female hormones, which has several consequences:

  • Your skin is drier, it feels tight and becomes less supple. To keep your skin healthy and comfortable, it is necessary to moisturize it daily
  • Your skin is more fragile and sensitive. Some of your usual beauty products cause skin reactions that you are not used to.
  • Your skin is photosensitive. Your hormones stimulate the production of melanin: the pigment responsible for tanning. Watch out for brown spots and hyperpigmentation in your skin. The only solution: protect yourself from the sun.
  • Your skin can develop acne spurts, under the action of estrogens. It then needs to be purified daily with a cleansing lotion or micellar water.

A great strain on your body

Cortisol, a hormone produced during pregnancy, causes your body to decrease collagen production. The skin loses its elasticity while tissue regeneration is limited. Also, as soon as you gain a few pounds, the skin becomes distended, stretches and stretch marks may appear, usually on the chest, hips, buttocks, stomach, or thighs. Prevention remains the best way to avoid them. Also, the application of moisturizing and emollient care on these sensitive areas makes it possible to limit the appearance of stretch marks by restoring the skin’s natural suppleness, while helping it to replenish itself.

Hydrating Gel Plus HS : the safest hydration for you and your baby

Natural ingredients 99%

No nasty ingredients • No fragrance • Hypoallergenic

Another idea of moisturizing:

In addition to banning the use of controversial ingredients, Skintifique has taken the step of relying only on biological mechanisms to ensure perfect skin hydration. Excluding any occlusion process or using petrochemicals, its products guarantee superior hydration aimed exclusively at improving the functioning of the skin thanks to science.


The role of vegetable glycerin:

  • Known for being an excellent emollient, Vegetable Glycerin helps restore the skin’s suppleness and natural elasticity.
  • Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, that is to say its ability to attract water to it, it effectively fights against skin dryness by retaining water in the layers of the epidermis. It helps to maintain perfect skin hydration, according to a natural mechanism.

ACTIVIFIQUE™: Amplifies what nature can do most effectively for your skin

The proprietary patented technology of Skintifique, ACTIVIFIQUE™ allows a gradual and lasting release of Vegetable Glycerin:
  • Acting as a reservoir for active ingredients, ACTIVIFIQUE™ makes possible an exceptional concentration of Vegetable Glycerin: 2 to 6x more than other stretch creams using this active ingredient. It is this reservoir that makes the long-lasting action of the Hydrating Gel Plus HS possible
  • Most importantly, ACTIVIFIQUE™ interprets skin signals. The release of Vegetable Glycerin is done gradually and only when the skin needs it, increasing its benefits on the treated area and lengthening the duration of its effectiveness.


Hydrating Gel Plus HS Body

5.07 fl.oz • $37.99


3x 5.07 fl.oz • $79.99

Cleanser P: soft and safe micellar water

Natural ingredients 91%

No nasty ingredients • No fragrance • Hypoallergenic

Cleanser p: gently purifies • make-up remover which is safe for your baby

While some make-up removers contain endocrine disruptors (triclosan, phenol …), Skintifique Cleanser P is a particularly gentle and safe micellar water.
With only 5 ingredients, it effectively cleanses and gently purifies your skin, without drying it out and safely for you and your baby.
Ideal in case of acne flare up during pregnancy, it will cleanse your skin daily to minimize the appearance of new pimples.
Developed to limit the risk of skin reaction, the Cleanser P will take care of your skin which is more fragile during pregnancy.


Cleanser P

6.76 Fl oz • $15.99

Cleanser P x3

3x 6.76 Fl oz • $34.99

L'eczéma pendant la grossesse

L’eczéma est une maladie chronique et inflammatoire qui peut apparaitre spécifiquement pendant la grossesse. On parle alors d’eczéma de grossesse.
Si la maladie ne revêt aucun risque vital pour votre bébé, l’eczéma de grossesse augmente le risque qu’il développe à son tour une dermatite atopique.

Dans un contexte d’atopie personnelle ou familiale, il est donc important de prévenir le risque de crise d’eczéma, notamment en reconstituant la fonction barrière de la peau et en la protégeant des allergènes


secondes pour comprendre

Blacklist des ingrédients à éviter pendant sa grossesse

Quels ingrédients éviter absolument et dans quels produits vous risquez de les trouver. On vous dit tout !