About contact dermatitis

On this page, you will learn all about contact dermatitis: what is it? What are the symptoms of contact dermatitis? How can it be treated? How can contact dermatitis be relieved?

What is contact dermatitis?

When allergic people’s skin comes in contact with an object containing the allergen, their skin reacts with eczema or irritations (or dermatitis). Nickel allergy is the most common: it affects 15% of women, and 5% of men. Nickel is very widespread in everyday life objects: it can be found in costume jewelry, coins, keys, even computers, mobile phones, connected bracelets, and tablets.

What are the symptoms of contact dermatitis?

Skin allergy to metals such as Nickel, but also Chromium and Cobalt may even cause contact dermatitis when skin comes in contact with leather items such as belts, which often contain metals such as Chromium which is used to manufacture the items.

How can contact dermatitis be treated?

There is no treatment for allergy to Nickel, Chromium and other metals, and people suffering from allergic contact dermatitis have no other option than to avoid coming in contact with many items. This can be complicated as a lot of everyday life objects contain these metals.

How can contact dermatitis be relieved?

Skintifique has developed the first product in the world which protects skin from irritant metals like Nickel or Chromium: the Protective Cream HPS. This cream is based on an exclusive and patented technology which captures the metals at the surface of the skin, thus reducing their penetration in the skin. This avoids all irritation.

In addition to this cream, Skintifique has developed the Moisturizing Lotion HP: this hydrating lotion moisturizes efficiently the body’s skin while protecting it against irritant metals.

Finally, the Cleanser P cleanses the skin from its impurities, as well as from traces of Nickel or other irritant metals which can be found on the surface of the skin.

All these products have a very pure composition, with very few ingredients, which minimizes the risks of allergic reaction. All the Skintifique products are formulated with 0% paraben, 0% silicone (dimethicone), 0% mineral oil, 0% fragrance, 0% EDTA.

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