How long does Nickel allergy last?

Being allergic to Nickel is something more and more common. Though many people don’t even know that they’re allergic, it affects 10% of the word’s population. But how long does Nickel allergy last? And will I always be allergic to Nickel?

You are allergic to Nickel and you want to know how long does Nickel allergy last? This article is for you!

After being in contact with irritant metal, how long does it take for the allergic reaction to begin?

According to the organization Mayo Clinic, “if you have Nickel allergy and you’re exposed to a nickel-containing item, the allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) usually begins within 12 to 48 hours after exposure.”

How long does the reaction due to Nickel allergy last?

The allergic reaction such as redness, tingling, itching and other irritations may last for as long as two to four weeks.

Will I always be allergic to nickel?

According to the National Skin center (NSC): “Once you become sensitive to nickel you are likely to remain so for life”. Indeed, it is not possible to treat Nickel allergy. For instance, as underlined by DermNet New Zealand in a recent article, “desensitization with injections or pills is not possible so the allergy tends to persist long-term”.

But here is some advice to deal with the irritation and reduce a rash due to a Nickel allergy reaction:

  • 1/ Try to stay away from Nickel. The best thing is to avoid coming into prolonged contact with anything made of Nickel.  But this is very hard considering that every day we come into contact with objects containing irritant metals.
  • 2/ Protect your skin from Nickel. Using gloves can be a good tip to protect your skin when you can’t avoid touching something containing Nickel. Also, you may consider using the innovative Protective Cream HPS. Using a new, exclusive and patented technology (Capturifique), this product specifically captures Nickel and other common metals on the surface of the epidermis. It limits their penetration into the skin and the harmful effects. Its concentrated and non-occlusive formulation provides up to 14 hours of protection for your skin.
  • 3/ Moisturize regularly.  Your skin’s natural barrier is disrupted when it reacts to Nickel. To repair this damaged skin, you need to moisturize often. You can, for instance, try the Moisturizing Lotion HP which is an ideal everyday moisturizer and a great partner to the Protective Cream HPS. This lotion moisturizes the skin deep down and also provides protection against pollutants and contact with objects containing Nickel.

If you want to know more about how to soften Nickel allergy, you can read our article: how to treat Nickel allergy.

Our last advice is to still remember that even when the rash goes away you are still allergic to nickel. Thus, you need to keep avoiding contact with Nickel as much as possible.

You now know more about how long does Nickel allergy last. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], if you need any information on the products which can help protect your skin from Nickel.

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