Fitbit: devices containing Nickel should become safer

According to the New York Times, October 17 issue, Fitbit Says It Will Make Changes to Address Complaints About Allergic Reactions. 

As a reminder, about 10% of the population (more women than men), is allergic to Nickel and other metals. People often realize they are allergic when they develop skin rash or contact eczema when they wear jewelry, earrings, jeans with metal buttons, even leather bands, shoes or accessories – which often contain Chromium – or when they are in frequent contact with keys, coins… Most people who are allergic can simply avoid contact with Nickel. However, such avoidance strategies are not practical for many people whose allergy is severe, or combined with allergies to many other factors, or who simply cannot or do not want to avoid contact with metal containing items (e.g. jewelry, or coins…) in their professional or personal environments.

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